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Scam 8rental.com

Dear Customers, Partners and Colleagues,

We would like to inform you about the dangerous scam - 8rental.com.

This site was registered in 2016 by two Moldovan individuals (under fake identities) and operates out of Moldova. We know this because unfortunately one of these crooks is our former employee whom we had a misfortune to recruit in 2015 (when we were thinking about launching a small office in Moldova focusing on Eastern Europe, a project which we stopped a year later.). We had to dismiss this person after six months of work when we noticed that he was stealing data from out databases and other materials.

Scam 8rental.com

These two individuals behind 8rental.com operate under fake identities using criminals methods. They deceive potential customers and carriers by spreading fraudulent information about being "a European giant" operating since 2007 out of London with a staff of several hundred employees. All this information is fake. In reality, these are the same two crooks operating out of Moldova. As far as we know they are operating illegally, via a shell entity without any assets, having no professional insurance for their activity, and, needless to say, paying no taxes. We do not even have an economic sense to sue them as they have zero assets and even their website was registered on a fake name. They promote themselves by advertising fake scholarships in the US, issuing fake press releases trying to pose as a big company and posting fake positive reviews about themselves in the Internet.

8rental.com scammers have also turned to eliminating competition with organising spam attacks and posting fraudulent negative reviews. And, unfortunately, this is not the only thing they do. Because we have exposed 8rental.com scam, they have being trying to distort our Internet search rankings by creating thousands of backlinks from porn websites (destined for Turkish and Moldovan audience.) Fortunately, Google search is not so easy to be fooled. But it just tells a mile who are these individuals from 8rental.com. It is more correct to define them as cybercriminals, And, obviously, they have connections to some criminals. Without such connections it would be impossible for them to do such a dirty trick with porn sites. We are afraid we are not the only provider in our industry whom they target. Please be vigilant.

Unfortunately, modern Internet is not at all protected against such crooks, who rely on carelessness and lack of supervision of various Internet actors, whose negligence inadvertently assists fraudsters from 8rental.com to spread fakes to deceive potential customers and suppliers. However, we know all too well how such scams end up. Almost every year we have clients who come to us asking to help out because they were robbed by another scammer.

We are now cooperating with the Committee for the Prevention of Fraud in Transport (CPFT), who is doing a great job to investigate the 8rental.com scam. Should you have more information about these Moldovan scammers please report it to CPFT.

We encourage all to spread this information and post it in social networks.

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