Statement on our Code of Ethics

Dear Customers and Partners,

In our organisation,, each year we aspire to achieve a set of goals including a profitable growth. However, we believe that profit generation should not be a number one priority even for a private for-profit company. Our usefulness for our customers and partners is our real goal. We believe that we can pursue this goal by conducting our business fairly and professionally. This is our core value that enables us to develop on a sustainable basis.

To achieve our goal we have established our Code of Ethics, a set of values and principles, essential for our company and, therefore, mandatory for all our employees and collaborators.

We are a company big enough to achieve ambitious goals but small enough to carefully select and look after every single employee. If in the course of your business with our company you come across our employee who you feel violates any principle listed in our Code of Ethics below, I would be highly grateful if you could report such a case directly to me by email as below or to any member of our management team. We pledge to react quickly.

Yours faithfully,
Alexandre Manhof,
Chief Operating Officer, / 1CARES RENTALS / AEMFB Capital,
Eugen-Huber-Strasse 12, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland
Email: amanhof [at]

Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics is based on five key principals: fairness, transparency, integrity, respect and protection of personal data.


We behave fairly with all our customers and partners without any exception.


We do our business transparently. All our commercial offers and contacts in which we propose our services must clearly indicate all major conditions. Usage of any tricks susceptible to mislead or conceal essential information is not allowed.


We conduct our business honestly and professionally.


We treat all customers and partners respectfully at all times.

Protection of personal data

We protect all personal data that we receive from our customers and partners. Any disclosure of personal data without a written agreement of the person who provided his/ her personal data is strictly prohibited.