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Below is an example of price calculation for the service "single-way trip":


Permanent parking address: 10 Rue Grande 92370 Chaville Price per km.: 0.70 € Price of waiting time, per hour: 11.00 € Supplement night hours, Sundays, public holidays (per hour): 5.00 € Price of the service "meet-and-greet": 10.00 €


Service: Single-way Date and time: 25/10/2011 10:00 Pick-up address: Gare De Lyon 75012 Paris Drop-off address: AĆ©roport CDG Special services: Meet at the airport Cost of toll roads: 0.00 €

Price details

Order price: 66.98 €

Price calculation: 56.98 € (price of the order mileage: 81.4 km.(*) x 0.70 €/km.) + 10.00 € (price of the service "meet-and-greet") + 0.00 € (supplement night hours, Sundays, public holidays: 0 hours x 5.00 €/hour) + 0.00 € (cost of toll roads) = 66.98 €

* Please note that according to our rules the customer pays for the entire mileage of the vehicle. This includes all the mileage necessary to carry out the order starting from the permanent parking address of the vehicle, the mileage with the customer and the return to the permanent parking address. That is for this vehicle the mileage between Gare De Lyon 75012 Paris and AĆ©roport CDG is 81.40 km.: 15.6 km. (from the permanent parking address to the customer pick-up address) + 26.3 km. (from the pick-up address to the drop-off address) + 39.5 km. (the return to the permanent parking address: 10 Rue Grande 92370 Chaville).
Please also note that the system always assumes that after an order a vehicle returns to its permanent parking address.

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