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Frequently Asked Questions - Franchise Carriers

General Questions

1. Who can become our franchisee?

If you carry passengers by car, van or coach and you are located in Europe you are welcome to become our franchisee.


2. What are our entry conditions?

To be our franchisee, you must meet three basic conditions:

  • Have a professional license authorising you to transport passengers in your jurisdiction,
  • Have an adequate insurance covering the risks associated with the transportation of passengers,
  • Pay the entry fee and a monthly royalty to our network.


3. How will I benefit from the franchise?

Our franchisees benefit from the following :

  • Right to use our brand name and logo on your website, commercial materials, presentations and other forms of advertising
  • Free rental of a website specifically adapted for your business (Follow this link to see the model of the site.)
  • Priority of our customers orders placed through our network
  • Promotion of your service via our websites and our network
  • Privileged access to other members of our network (for example, to establish partnership relationships with a fellow carrier or to assist your customer with an order in a different region or abroad.)
  • Support of our IT specialists in the optimal linking of your website with our main website 1CARES.com. This will improve the ranking of your website and will bring you new clients.
  • Advice on pricing and commercial conditions


4. Professional standards and restrictions

As our franchisee you remain an independent entity, solely responsible for your business. Therefore, we do not impose any restrictions other than the respect of generally accepted standards of professional ethics. However, to ensure the homogenous service in our network we recommend you to apply the same rules and norms for the cancellation conditions, waiting time, supplementary services such as the meet-and-greet service at the airport, etc. The description of these is available on the model of the site.


5. How much the franchise will cost me?

At the signing of the franchise contract:

• an entry fee in the amount of 5% of your current monthly sales with the minimum of 100 € and the maximum of 1000 €.

Then, monthly:

• a royalty in the amount of 1% of your monthly sales with the minimum of 50 € and the maximum of 500 €.


6. Term of contract

Initially, the duration of the contract is one year. Then the contract can be extended for a term varying from one to five years.


7. Termination of contract

The franchisee can terminate the contract at any moment respecting the notice period of three months.


8. How to become our franchisee?

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Signing of the franchise contract
  2. Payment of the entry fee (by payment card on our site)
  3. Customisation and installation of your website (this step is not mandatory)


9. Can I have the territorial exclusivity?

In most cases, yes. To benefit from a territorial exclusivity, that is to be the sole representative of our franchise network in your geographical area you need to let us know the location and size of the desired geographic area as well as the vehicle categories for which you would like to have the exclusivity. Depending on these parameters we will make you a proposal concerning the applicable royalty.


10. Can you provide me with the models of commercial documents?

Given that you are an independent entity it is up to you to elaborate your own commercial documents. However, we can provide you with some models (for example, a price offer, an invoice, a credit card payment authorisation, etc.) that you can adapt to your needs. The available formats: Microsoft Excel/ Word and Libre Office.


11. Can I also register my vehicles in the 1CARES.com reservation system?

Yes. Sign up on our site and configure in the system your vehicle types. Do not forget to verify if you have correctly entered the price parameters by using the order simulation tool available in the member area.


Site Internet

1. How can I adapt the proposed site to my needs?

We propose you free of charge an Internet site entirely adaptable to your needs. All the images and texts of the site are modifiable according to your needs. In fact, the only elements of the site, which cannot be changed are our logo and the references/ links to 1CARES.com, the principal site of our network.

The procedure to adapt the site is as follows:

  1. Rewrite the texts for each page using your own vocabulary (at least where it is possible)
  2. Prepare your images with the dimensions 900 x 300 pixels for the slides at the top of each page and 800 x 440 pixels for other images. Note that it is preferable to optimise the size of the images to allow the site to load faster. The recommended you to keep the size of an image under 100 Kb. The images should be in jpg format.)
  3. Put your texts and images in a new folder on your PC, then compress the folder and send it to us by email.

Our IT service will take care of the rest.


2. Where and how to install the site?

First of all, if you do not have your own domain name (for example, your-company.com) you need to register it. For this you can use 1and1.com or godaddy.com or a number of other providers of this service.

Then, you need to choose where you will host your site. You can use 1and1.com, godaddy.com, ovh.com and many other providers. Note that the most economic option provided by the hosting company will be sufficient for this case.

After that, using the connection details provided by your hosting company our IT service will install and configure your site.


3. How to update the information on my site after the site installation?

You can do it yourself or request us to do it for you. Note that the franchise contract includes up to 5 updates per year. Normally, this will be more than sufficient for you.


4. How much will cost me the site?

The Internet site is included in your franchise contact. Normally, you will not have to pay anything extra except for the domain name (7-10 € per year) and the hosting (15-30 € per year).

The included costs are as follows:

  • Site rental : Included
  • Site customisation: Included
  • Site installation : Included
  • Five updates per year : Included
  • Additional update : 20 €
  • Multilingual site : 100 € per additional language


5. I already have my own site. Can I use it for the franchise as well?

Yes. However, having one more site will certainly help you to attract new customers and generate more sales.


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