Rent a car with driver in Paris

If you need to rent a car with driver in Paris you came to the right place. Whether you need to hire a car with driver in Paris for an airport transfer, a sightseeing trip, a business meeting or a casual travel we will deliver an attractive offer for your chauffeured service. proposes you the rental of car with driver in Paris. Because of the fact that we work with many carriers we are able to offer you in Paris a full range of cars from a medium size car to a big executive sedan at the right price. In addition to car type, it is possible to order your car based on its class and even foreign language skills of its chauffeur.

Rent a car with driver in Paris

To rent a car with driver in Paris is easy if you are supported by the real professionals. Our decade-long experience in car hire with driver has forged our great relationships with a number of carriers in Paris. We work with the best in class among carriers and on special conditions ensuring maximum availabilities but also best prices for our clients.

The rating that we have for car rental with driver in Paris from our customers is 4.6 out of 5. The result displayed here is based on 502 customer reviews who have responded to our questionnaire. It is calculated on a three-year rolling basis. We have great customer reviews largely because we 1) work only with hand-picked reliable carriers and 2) ensure excellent customer service support for all our orders. puts at your disposal two reservation channels: direct online booking and quote request.

Rent a car with driver in Paris online

With direct online reservation you can book a car with driver in Paris in real time depending on the availability of the required car at the chosen time and address. It is the fastest and the easiest way for your car hire with driver – the whole process will not take you more than three minutes. You will receive your booking confirmation immediately.

However, not all of our cars may be available for direct online reservation. And so you can also rent a car with chauffeur in Paris through our quotation system, which will provide you access to all our cars.

Request a quote to hire a car with driver in Paris

By requesting a quote you will have access to all of our vehicles. You will make a choice from a list of pre-defined trips or will describe us your trip in a few words. If your trip is in our list of pre-defined trips, we will provide you with a quote immediately. For the trip specified by you we will come back with our offer for your chauffeured service in Paris within four hours (outside of night hours 22:00-8:00 local time).

Price of rental of car with driver in Paris

The price of car hire with driver in Paris depends on a number of parameters including car category, mileage, waiting time, total hours required for the trip and a few more variables. However, it is possible to provide you with some idea about the average price:

Price of rental of car with driver in Paris
Description Average price of the rental of a car with driver in Paris assuming 8 hours with the included mileage of 80 kilometers
Price 417

As every average this price just gives you an idea of the price level for this service in Paris but your real quote may actually differ depending on your order details and availabilities at the time of booking. Therefore, please send us your request and we will readily provide you with our quote in Paris.

Note: The indicated price published on is available OnlineOnly and is valid until 2024-12-04 subject to availability.

Latest evaluations:

, 2024-07-11, 4/5, Our driver was pretty good. The car also suited us all right. | , 2024-07-09, 5/5, Nous sommes contents de votre prestation à Paris. Le chauffeur était très bon. | , 2024-07-02, 4/5, From my perspective of first hand experience, your chauffeur service in Paris was certainly adequate. | , 2024-06-30, 4/5, Notre location de voiture avec chauffeur à Paris s'est bien passée. | , 2024-06-25, 4/5, I booked a car on website for airport transfers and touring in Paris and around. The driver's mastery of English was quite moderate. But it was not a big problem as the customer service communicated him our programme in details. | , 2024-06-19, 5/5, We ordered a chauffeured car in Paris for two days. Everything was great. A Professional, courteous driver and a nice car. Would use again. Thank you. | , 2024-06-14, 5/5, Our driver assisted us brilliantly with our visits in Paris and to Fontainebleau. | , 2024-06-07, 5/5, This company provided us with car and driver services for our 3-day visit in Paris area. It funcitoned really well. Nice car and driver on time for each of our jobs. | , 2024-06-05, 4/5, Nous étions satisfaits de la voiture et du chauffeur que vous nous avez proposés à Paris. | , 2024-05-26, 4/5, Very good client service support. Car and driver were good. The driver could speak English. | , 2024-05-21, 5/5, Service client réactif. Excellente voiture et chauffeur très sympa. Mille mercis! |

About Paris

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Paris is the capital and the largest city of France. It has the population of over 2,2 million and is situated in the region of Île-de-France. Paris region is central to the economy of France and is one of the richest regions in France and Europe overall in terms of GDP per person. Paris consists of 20 districts and borders large international airports including Airport Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Airport Paris Orly (ORY). Being the symbol of the French culture, Paris has numerous historic monuments and boasts fantastic cultural life. Paris also occupies the central stage in the world of fashion. This is why over 30 million visitors from all over the world visit Paris every year for tourism and on business.

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