Rent a minivan with driver in Milan

We will be happy to serve you whenever you need to hire a minivan with driver in Milan. We provide a variety of chauffeured minivans for airport transfers, sightseeing itineraries, for business meetings and other needs at a competitive price. proposes the rental of minivan with driver in Milan. A number of carriers in Milan are members of our reservation system and so we are almost always able to come up with our offer to your request in Milan whenever you ask us. Our fleet of minivans range from a normal minivan capable to carry up to 8 passengers and driver such as Volkswagen Caravelle to a luxury minivan such as Mercedes-Benz V-Class. (Note that a luxury minivan has a capacity limited to 7 passengers + driver.) Besides, we may probably be able to provide you with a chauffeur speaking your language.

Rent a minivan with driver in Milan

To rent a minivan with driver in Milan is quite straightforward provided you delegate this task to the true professionals. has been providing this service in Italy every day for a number of years. Our decade-long experience in the rental of minivans with driver in Milan have developed great partnerships between us and our trusted carriers. This is why we are able to guarantee you availabilities, reasonable prices and high quality service.

The rating that we have from our customers for the rental of a minivan with driver in Milan is 4.6 out of 5. The aggregate rating computed from 193 reviews of our customers is based on a three-year rolling timespan. Needless to say, we are proud of the achieved results and do our best to continue delivering great value to our customers in Milan.

Our website allows renting a minivan with driver in Milan directly online or through a request for quote. The latter way allows accessing a wider selection of minivans in Milan.

Rent a minivan with driver in Milan online

Booking a minivan with driver in Milan is possible directly in our live reservation system. It will take you less than five minutes to complete the reservation process for your minivan hire with driver in Milan. Our automated system will rapidly process your order. For your peace of mind each order received through the online booking process is also verified by our Customer Service.

Request a quote to hire a minivan with driver in Milan

In certain cases, for example, when you require a complex trip or need a minivan of a specific brand it may be preferable or even necessary to book a minivan with driver in Milan via our quotation system. This way of booking provides you with access to all our minivans available for hire with driver in Milan. Our quotation system offers you a choice of standard trips or you can freely describe us your needs. Normally, we will come back to you with our offer for your minivan rental in Milan within four working hours.

Price of rental of minivan with driver in Milan

The price of hiring a minivan with driver in Milan is greatly impacted by several key factors such as mileage, hours of service and minivan category. The average price for the rental of a minivan with driver in Milan assuming 8 hours of service with the included mileage of 80 kilometers is 397. However, this information just gives you an idea about the price level as each rental situation is different. Therefore, please send us your programme of travel in Milan for an exact price estimate.

Note that the price to rent a minivan with driver in Milan published on is available OnlineOnly until 2024-04-13 and subject to availability.

Regardless of how you make your reservation for your minivan hire with driver in Milan on our website, our Customer Service will support you throughout your entire trip.

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, 2023-11-12, 5/5, We were impressed with your chauffeured minivan service in Milan. It was indeed professional. | , 2023-10-30, 4/5, Nous avons eu un bon minivan à Milan et notre chauffeur a fait un travail correct. | , 2023-10-08, 5/5, Excelente servicio de nuestro conductor. ¡Gracias! | , 2023-09-26, 4/5, your chauffeur service in Milan was all right. Minivan was very good | , 2023-09-20, 5/5, Tous nos déplacements se sont bien déroulés. Le minibus était excellent. Nous sommes très satisfaits de votre prestation à Milan. | , 2023-09-05, 5/5, We have hired a Mercedes minivan for our four-day stay and daily visits to our plant facility and we could not ask for a more professional service. Our driver was very effective in his duties. | , 2023-08-22, 5/5, We were happy with how you did our order in Milan. We will be contact with you again for our next visit. | , 2023-08-14, 5/5, Our Mercedes Vito was good, enough room for 6 persons, nobody had to sit next to driver. the driver was professional | , 2023-08-11, 4/5, Tout s'est bien passé. Notre chauffeur Armando était bon. | , 2023-08-09, 5/5, Our client reported they were very happy with your minivan serivce in Milan. |

About Milan

Piazza del Duomo in Milan

Milan is located in the region of Lombardy in northern Italy. Milan, the former capital of the Western Roman Empire, is more than two thousand years old. The city numbers 1 308 thousand inhabitants and is, with its metropolitan area, the largest urban area of Italy. Milan is the economic heart of the country. Many large companies have their headquarters in Milan. Milan has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. It is a must to see such masterpieces as the Duomo, the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci and the Castle of Scorfa. With La Scala, Milan is also a major center of opera in Europe. Milan is served by three airports, the largest being the Malpensa International Airport.

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