Rent a bus with driver in Amsterdam proposes you in Amsterdam to rent a bus with driver. You can hire buses of various classes and sizes, up to 82 passenger seats. Drivers with foreign language skills are available.

Rent a bus with driver in Amsterdam

Our decade-long experience and impeccable reputation in this field have built our excellent relationships with many carriers in Amsterdam. We work with the best in class among carriers and on privileged conditions, thus, ensuring both reliability and competitive prices for our customers. All buses that we propose are subject to systematic technical controls and drivers are regularly trained and mandatorily have a professional license authorising to carry large groups of people.

The aggregate rating for bus rental with driver in Amsterdam received from our customers is 4.6 out of 5. The result displayed here is based on 74 customer reviews and is calculated once a year on a three-year rolling basis.

Request a quote

The recommended way for booking a bus with driver in Amsterdam is via requesting a quote. Even if your journey feature in our list of pre-defined trips for which you can obtain an immediate online quote, it still makes sense for you to send us your request for quote as not all of our buses are available for online reservation. Because of this there is a strong chance that we will be able to make you a better price proposal for your coach rental with driver in Amsterdam. Our reservations consultant will normally be able to come back to you with our offer for your bus hire with driver in Amsterdam within four hours (outside of night hours 22:00-08:00 local time).

Price of bus rental with driver in Amsterdam

The rental price depends on a number of parameters including mileage and hours required for the journey, bus specification (class, capacity) and some other parameters such as service at night hours. Nevertheless, you can get a quick idea about the price by following our online reservation in Holland. Note that this is only possible for a transfer or hourly service not exceeding one day. However, each situation is unique and the price can well be lower depending on particular circumstances of your travel programme and our availabilities. Therefore, please follow our request for quote procedure and we will be happy to provide you with our personalised quote for your bus hire with driver in Amsterdam.

Brief on Amsterdam

Houses in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the largest city and the capital of the Netherlands. It has the population of 790 thousand people. In Dutch the name of this city literally means the dam on the Amstel river. Amsterdam is closely linked to the development of world sea trade and has one of the top European cargo ports. Amsterdam boasts a beautiful city center with a well-developed canals system built in 17th century and a number of tourist attractions including the internationally known red-lights district. The city is consistently ranked among top twenty world cities by its quality of life. Not surprisingly, some five million visitors come to Amsterdam every year.