Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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General Questions

1. How can I make a vehicle reservation?

You can make your reservation directly on our website. It is fast and secure. We put at your disposal two reservation channels: direct online reservation and also our quotation system. Note that not all of our vehicles are available for direct online reservation. Therefore, we recommend you to book via the quotation system when you need a van of the classes luxury and business and any type of limo and coach. Equally, when you need a car with particular characteristics (e.g. brand, color, etc) you need to proceed via the quotation system.


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2. What type of vehicles can I reserve?

We work with many carriers in Holland and neighboring countries and, thus, are able to offer you a full range of passenger vehicles capable to accommodate from one person to a large group. In particular, you can reserve a vehicle by its size and capacity among the following categories: Average size car, Standard size car, Big size car, Big executive car, Limousine, Minivan, Van and Coach. In addition, you can choose the class of your vehicle as follows: economy, business and luxury. Visit our page our cars to see the examples of the vehicles in each category.

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3. Where can I book a vehicle using your service?

We operate throughout the Netherlands, in particular in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Maastricht and a number of other areas. We also serve our clients in 30 other European countries.

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4. What information do I need to provide for the reservation?

Apart from the details of the required vehicle and service we need the passenger's name, contact details (e-mail address and phone number), pick-up address and destination. This information is necessary to provide you with a quote, to send you our order confirmation and to have a capacity to get in touch with you if needed. In addition, to confirm your reservation you will need the details of your payment card.

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5. Do you provide service on an hourly basis?

Yes. Many of our carriers have this service. On our site you can reserve for the duration up to 24 hours. If you need the vehicle for a longer period, you can email your itinerary to us and we will accommodate your request.

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6. What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancelation policy is available on our page terms and conditions. The cancellation conditions applicable in your particular case and the cancellation procedure are indicated in our detailed proposal / order details.

To cancel the order you need to notify us be email to the address provided in your order details.

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7. Who will be my contact for my order?

Since your first contact with, our customer service consultant with relevant market knowledge and language skills is assigned to your request and order. In particular, our customer service consultant will make you our proposal, book your order, follow through payments as needed, inform you in due time about your driver / dispatcher contact details and send you an invoice for the service.

Basically, our customer service consultant is the only person you will need to deal with prior to and after your travel. On the days of service it’s your driver who will be your main point of contact for your practical questions related to the travel.

All our customer service consultants have intimate knowledge of the market in Holland and are at all times supported by the entire strength of our organisation as needed including for quotation and booking (operations and IT) and finance issues (shared services centre and treasury in our HQ in Switzerland).

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8. How will I know which vehicle is waiting for me?

After your booking we will email you the precise details of the vehicle and the chauffeur assigned to you. In particular, you will know the vehicle's registration plate, brand and color and the chauffeur's name and mobile phone number.

The vehicle will wait for you at the pick-up address indicated by you during the reservation. In case your pick-up address is an airport or a train station you can book the meet-and-greet service. Note that the purchase of the meet-and-greet service is not mandatory. You may simply call the chauffeur on his mobile phone to communicate your exact location at the exit from the airport or the train station.

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9. Do you provide meet-and-greet service at airports and train stations?

Yes. During the booking simply indicate that you need this service. When you arrive in the airport or the train station the chauffeur will meet you directly at your exit in the arrivals hall of your flight at the airport or at the head of your train at the train station. To make sure that you cannot miss each other the chauffeur will have in his hands a sign with our name and logo (as at the top of this page).


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10. Do you check flights and trains for arrival times?

Yes. We will verify the arrival time for your flight or train and, in case of delay, will adjust your pick-up time for the time of the delay.

Note that in case you changed the flight or train you should contact us with the new information for your pick-up time.

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11. How many passengers do you allow in a particular type of vehicle?

During the reservation simply indicate the number of the passengers and the type of the vehicle you need and our system will automatically find you a vehicle capable to accommodate the necessary number of passengers.

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12. I am your frequent customer. Can I open an account with you?

Yes. Just contact us with your request and we will be happy to open you an account with us. We will provide you with a free concierge service, which will take care of your transport needs with just a simple phone call. You will then have no need to pay for each trip as you will be billed on a monthly basis.

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Costs and Payments

1. What is included in your price offer?

Our price offer includes all costs associated with your trip known at the moment of your reservation including costs of special services such as meet-and-greet as requested during the reservation. Where applicable, the price offer also includes the estimation for the cost of travel on toll roads in Holland. You will see the amount of the toll road charges in your reservation summary and order confirmation.

Note that possible supplementary costs are not included in the price offer and should be paid directly to the chauffeur.

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2. How do I pay for my trip?

At booking you will be requested to pay from 10% to 100% of the order price. The remaining balance, if any, is settled by bank transfer or directly to the driver depending on the payment conditions of our offer. When the payment at booking is 100% of the order price, unless you have supplementary costs, you will have nothing to pay to the driver.

Find out about the modes of payment you can use to settle the payment at booking and, when applicable, to pay the driver.

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3. Possible supplementary costs

Your trip may involve supplementary costs not known at the time of reservation such as parking at the airport or the train station (the case of the meet-and-greet service), waiting time and toll roads charge above the estimated amount. Where applicable the chauffeur will pay these charges and will then charge them to you at the end of the trip.

Find out about the modes of payment accepted by our chauffeurs.

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4. What is payment at booking?

This is an amount you pay at reservation to confirm your booking. It is deductible from the total order price. The amount of the payment at booking varies from 10% to 100% of the order price depending on such factors as duration of your trip, mileage, availabilities at the moment of booking.

The payment at booking can be settled by payment card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), by bank transfer or via PayPal.

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5. Can I settle the entire amount of my trip by payment card?

Yes, in many cases it is possible. Normally the payment at booking is settled by payment card. When this payment is equal to 100% of your order price, unless your trip involves supplementary costs, you will effectively settle your entire order by payment card. However, to be certain that you can use your card to also pay the driver, please mention this specifically in your request. We will then check for you a corresponding availability. However, for big vehicles such as coaches and big vans the payment is made by bank transfer, unless you settle 100% of the order price by payment card at reservation.

Note that irrespective of your mode of payment, on your request, we will provide you with a receipt covering your entire trip including supplementary costs when applicable.

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6. Settlement by bank transfer

If the payment amount is significant we usually request the settlement by bank transfer. Our customer service will provide you with all necessary bank details so you could successfully make a bank transfer at any bank of your choice.

For your information, for orders in countries outside of the eurozone we are often able to propose a payment in euro. In this case the payment is normally made to our HQ / treasury office in Switzerland.

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7. What modes of payment are accepted by your chauffeurs?

All the chauffeurs accept cash and do NOT accept checks. To know if your chauffeur accepts payment cards you should consult our offer conditions applicable to your particular case. Please note that choosing to pay only by payment card may limit your choice of vehicles.


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8. How much do you charge for the waiting time?

Each of our carriers have their own rates for the waiting time. To know your rate for the waiting time you should consult our offer conditions applicable to your particular case.


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9. How secure is your online payment?

We stick to the best standards in terms of the security of online payments. That is why we work only with the world leaders in online payment processing such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. All our online payment transactions are processed by their systems. Thus, we provide you with the highest level of security these giants of the online payments industry can offer.

What's more, we do not record or keep payment cards details in our system, thereby excluding even a theoretical possibility of a leak of your payment card details from our system.

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10. Can I book a vehicle for someone else and pay for it?

Yes. You can book an order for other passengers and settle it. However, please note when the payment at booking does not equal to 100% of the offer price the passenger will still need to settle the remaining balance directly to the chauffeur or by bank transfer. Also, please pay attention that when the trip involves supplementary costs the passengers should be able to settle them directly to the chauffeur.

Find out about the modes of payment accepted by our chauffeurs.

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11. How can I get a receipt for my trip?

Just drop an email to our Customer Service providing your order number, name and email address and we will email you the receipt. If your trip involved supplementary costs not known at the moment of your booking do not forget to detail these in your request if you want your receipt to include them.

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Other questions

Do you maintain a black list of carriers to be avoided in Holland?

Generally speaking, we prefer to keep this information internal for the exclusive use of our partners and AETTA members. However, there are cases when it really makes sense to share this information publicly as there are some companies and individuals who are none other than crooks. They can cheat you at any stage of your interaction with them. For example, they can request a prepayment and run away with your money without providing any service or they can charge your card multiple times for the same service, etc.

Fortunately, we do not have black-listed carriers in Holland currently (-:

However, we have recently singled out and exposed dangerous fraudsters - Follow this link for more information.