About us

1CARES.com is focused on providing the rental of passenger vehicles with driver to a wide range of individual customers and private and public organisations. We offer a full spectrum of vehicles with a chauffeur including car, van, coach and limo. Geographically, we operate throughout Slovakia and in particular in Bratislava, Košice, Prešov, Žilina, Nitra, Banská Bystrica, Trnava, Poprad, Trenčín and a number of other areas. We also serve our clients in over 30 other European countries and in Asia via our subsidiary 1CARES.asia (https://www.1CARES.asia)

To ensure a wide coverage, availability of vehicles, best price and service conditions for our customers we partner with a number of carriers. We take a particular pride that the efficiency of our operations and the quality of our customer service are among the best in the European passenger transport sector. That is why most customers who tried us for the first time become our repeat customers and the rate of our customer satisfaction is at the industry top of 98%.

From the outset of our service we looked to contribute to the reduction of the environmental footprint of the transport sector. Therefore, we designed our matching mechanism in such a way that only an efficient transaction would take place, thereby, meeting both the customer and supplier requirements while at the same time bringing to the minimum the carbon emissions of each trip. In order to achieve that we utilise the latest technologies and real time data of the road networks.

As of 2018 we are fully owned by the venture capital firm AEMFB Capital (https://www.aemfb.com).

We conduct our business and treat all our customers and partners fairly and professionally, without any exception. Read our CEO statement on our Code of Ethics.

Our management team, headed by a seasoned executive with a deep knowledge in international business is a great blend of enthusiasm for what we do, experience and dynamism.

Today 1CARES.com is a successful and growing company aimed at becoming a true leader in car and coach rentals with driver. That is why our clients trust us to carry out their most complex orders.

Key steps in our history

Our origin goes back to the year 2000 when we established an IT services company managing IT integration projects for a number of companies, primarily in the financial sector and education. Our involvement in the transport industry took place in 2007 when we developed an integrated booking platform for members of AETTA (https://www.aetta.org) - Association of European Travel and Tourism Agencies. The transport sector then quickly became both our passion and core business. Here are the key steps in our development:

2000: Established an IT services company

2007: Developed a one stop integrated solution for the booking of the entire range of vehicles with driver for the needs of AETTA members

2011: Launched the booking platform for the reservation of passenger vehicles with driver live on the Internet under the brand 1CARES.com

2015: Attracted investment from AEMFB Capital, who became our strategic development partner

2016: Expanded into Asia under the brand 1CARES.asia

2018: Integrated into AEMFB Capital Group